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Aromas & Sensations

Fragancias Frutas Naturalium



Do you know your olfactory memory? Did you know that humans can distinguish 10,000 odors? Our sense of smell is much more sensitive than any of our senses, the olfactory response is immediate and extends directly to the brain. This is the only place where our neurons are directly exposed to the environment around us.

The aromas and smells cause us emotional reactions and responses that may not understand at all. They can make us evoke childhood memories, remind us of loved ones, can make us feel cheerful and even nostalgic.




Aroma ManzanaGREEN APPLE: The aroma of green apple is ideal for those days that we feel loose, those days in which is hard to wake up, that we need a shove and tempers rise, such as Monday morning.



Aroma MelonMELON: brings freshness and generally good memories, tranquility, peace and calm. It is a scent that is usually associated with leisure time and especially with the summer heat, good weather. Ideal for those cloudy and cold winter day.



Aroma CocoCOCONUT: The coconut aroma is reminiscent of great trips and adventures, dreamed havens or idyllic holiday. It makes you dream of the Caribbean and over azure waters. It is a scent that invites you to dream, to imagine and relax.



Aroma Mango

MANGO: A stimulating and energizing aroma, its fragrance has the ability to raise the spirits and give us energy, to awaken. It acts like a vitamin boost. Ideal to use in the morning to start the day with energy.



Aroma MelocotonPEACH: Peach, like the aroma of mango, gives us energy and vitality, so to use it in the morning will help us to face the day with more strength and determination especially in these days when we have much work or things to do.


NATURALIUM_frambuesaRASPBERRY: The slight scent of raspberries provides optimism and welfare, and is able to make us see blue those gray days. Provides an incredible feeling of “good vibes” and it is capable to bring us back memories of childhood.

The importance of aroma: by far most consumers make the decision to purchase after having smelled a product.

That is because… nature prevails.