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Commitment & Social Responsability

Social Commitment



World Vision y Beauty Emotions



Aware of the importance of common and individual action to build a better society, at Beauty Emotions we developed our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program with NGO WorldVision. It is an organization that works in the development, aid and promotion of justice, especially in situations that affect children. The main objective of WorldVision’s work is to ensure child welfare through community development programs.



Commitment to the consumer


With every development and launch of a new product, we strive to continue to offer consumers products that combine innovation, quality, wellness and health. We seek to satisfy the needs of our clients in the care of their skin and their hair, through the emotional response that the aromas of the products of Beauty Emotions provoke.

The production plants and the processes of development and elaboration of all the products of Beauty Emotions are endorsed, among others, by the certifications ISO 9001: 2015 and GMP, endorsed by AEMPS. All our products are paraben-free.