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We present a completely new product, a revolution that leaves behind the traditional body and hair care , to surprise all consumers:

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Lovium is a fragrance oil which provide excellent shine to hair and better hydration for the skin.

It is presented in 5 sensual fragrances capable of converting the beauty and daily care in unique, unrepeatable, seductive, mysterious sensory experiences …

The 3 phases of Lovium provide extraordinary softness and shine become caress every touch.

Times have changed. How to take care of yourself, too.

Shake it up and enjoy the pleasure of taking care of yourself.LOVIUM SHAKE&ENJOY


Product of the yearThe LOVIUM’s range of Fragrance Oils has been honored with the Product of the Year Award 2016 for Innovation in Spain. The Product of the Year Award is given through the opinion of consumers, so this assessment is so important to the award-winning brands. The process of choice for Product of the Year 2016 has led to a survey of 10,048 consumers, process carried out by TNS.





Fragrance Oils

Lovium is a fragrance oil which add exceptional shine to the hair and provide the best hydration for the skin.

Lovium - Dry Oils, body & hair, three-phase tecnhology


It is available in 5 sensual fragrances that will turn the daily beauty and personal care routine into a unique sensory experience.

Each product is divided into 3 phases, all together in one pack.

The 3 -phase mixed with sublime oils provide outstanding brightness and softness to the hair and skin hydration throughout the day, and make every touch a caress.


LOVIUM loves you

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