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NATURALIUM cosmeticos




Fila frutas Naturalium 2016

Who does not remember a special moment due to a smell or fragrance? An unforgettable day, the holidays of our life or the return to childhood …, they are all memories that are always associated with a scent. Humans are able to differentiate up to 10,000 different odors. It is clear that the sense of smell can cause us unique emotional reactions.

Based on this scientific evidence, in Beauty Emotions we create our freshest range: FruitsPleasure. From six fruits, and thanks to its aromas and sensations that provoke us, we create this delicious line with which you will feel appetizing at all times.


A fruit, a sensation

  • Coconut. Its aroma is evocative, and transports us to incredible dream adventures or idyllic trips already enjoyed. It is our most sold reference, for something will be …
  • Raspberry. Like all fruits full of antioxidants, it provides optimism and well-being. Sweet, evocative and feminine, that’s our line.
  • Mango. An injection of vitamins and energy, essential after the shower in the morning.
  • Green apple. Full of vitality, essential when we need an extra dose of energy to carry the day.
  • Peach. Like the mango, it fills us with vitality if we use it to start the day.
  • Cantaloupe. Ideal for summer days. It brings freshness and takes us to the holidays.


 NATURALIUM cosmeticos




Naturalium Nuts

The pleasure of the natural along with the innumerable properties of nuts. This is Nuts, the new line of Naturalium, which combines health, beauty and care. Developed in three lines that arise from nuts of the union of the benefits of two varieties of nuts, Extra-nutritive (with almond and pistachio), Reafirmante (with Argan and Nut of Brazil) and Reparadora (with Karité and Macadamia). Naturalium Nuts keeps fragrances unique and durable. Characteristics of Beauty Emotions products.


Nuts to feel pretty

  • Almond. Incredible softening and moisturizing properties. Almond oil, rich in vitamins A, B and E, as well as in mineral salts, is an excellent ally when looking to soften and tone the skin or relieve irritations. Its benefits make it present in aromatherapy treatments.
  • Argan. Rich in vitamin E, it provides excellent antioxidant and essential properties, fundamental to combat aging. Due to its fatty acid content, it is very common in skin and hair repair products.
  • Shea. One of the ingredients that has fascinated the beauty sector. Great moisturizing and nourishing power, it protects the deeper layers of the skin from the effects of the sun, fight against aging and is a powerful regenerator of the skin. Who resists Shea?
  • Macadamia. If your skin is dry or you want to heal some area, macadamia will be your ally. Rich in oleic acid and palmitoleic acid, it is ideal for slowing aging by protecting the different layers of the epidermis from oxidation.
  • Brazil nut. Due to its richness in selenium and zinc, it helps the hydration of the skin and hair, and promotes cell renewal, the key to a radiant appearance.
  • Pistachio. Of great moisturizing power, pistachio favors hydration, softens the skin and stimulates hair growth.


 NATURALIUM cosmeticos



Naturalium oliva

The Greeks and the Phoenicians already used it in their ancestral beauty rituals. Among its innumerable properties is its great antioxidant and regenerating power (essential to maintain hydration of the skin) and its valuable amount of vitamin E. With the olive as an inspiration and with its cosmetic benefits as leitmotiv, our last Naturalium Oliva line has been Created to take care of the skin of the face and body, with moisturizing formulas, but of fast absorption, and a delicious aroma that transports us to nature.

Made from 100% Spanish olive, it is your perfect ally to keep the skin smooth and with an incredible natural shine. The secret? We have incorporated in its formulation olive bones, which help to clean and tone the skin in depth.




Inspired by all those women who want to feel attractive and seductive in their everyday life, or at a special moment, Lovium is the most sensual brand of Beauty Emotions. A woman without complexes and without limits of age, who likes to experience new experiences and seeks to seduce with her personality, but also with the aroma that leaves its presence.

Four different products, perfumed bath gel (awarded as Product of the Year 2017 in its category), perfumed body lotion, perfumed body spray and body and hair oil (awarded the PDA 2016 Innovation Award in the category of body oils ), With magical fragrances and capable of seducing at any time of day.


Irresistible aromas in varieties:

  • LOVE. Sandalwood, amber and vanilla, melts with orange blossom and peony. Sexy, right? They are the components of our Love aroma. Based on oriental and floral, the result is an intense fragrance that does not leave indifferent.
  • COOL. Floral, fresh and luminous, with a woody touch. Play Time is daring, sensual, but also sweet. Its ingredients? Bergamot, black currant, gardenia or musk.
  • SEXY. To evoke a universe of passion and femininity, we have mixed the notes of jasmine and iris, the petals of freesia and the sophistication of musk and patchouli. Amazing start to finish.


Love, Cool and Sexy make up the full range of Lovium, in which our aim has been to be part of every woman’s beauty routine when she wants to feel powerful. From the moment of the bath, with a sensual scented gel, until the moment of leaving home with the bodymist, whose fragrance is really addictive; Through hydration of the skin, with a lotion, based on glycerin, shea butter and luffa extract. Our most treasured product? Lovium perfumed body oil. With a three-phase composition (and a fun way to use shake & enjoy), this sublime oil brings a sheen and extraordinary softness in hair and skin, which turns every touch into a caress.

To increase your power of sensuality, we have developed two additional aromas available exclusively in our Lovium oils.

  • Sensual Time. Floral, intense and unique. Ultra feminine notes of gardenia, ylang-ylang, along with the citrus freshness of bergamot. An irresistible fragrance for the most daring.
  • Love Time. Just one drop of Love Time to discover the intense load of sensuality of its aroma. Citrus and oriental notes (amber, tonka bean and benzoin) result in a passionate and deep fragrance.