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At Beauty Emotions we believe in essence, nature, simplicity, differentiation and innovation in our concepts, formats or fragrances and this is reflected on each and everysingle product we develop. We work so that the aroma of our products evokes memories, incomparable sensations.

We believe in the sensuality and femininity of women as a weapon of well-being and personal security.


  • Wellness. We defend emotional well-being as a way of life. From Beauty Emotions, we work to give shape to products that generate a total sense of well-being in the consumer at the most hedonistic moment.
  • Experience. We rely on the long experience and trajectory in the beauty and personal care sector of our team, with the aim of creating products that meet the specific needs of our clients.
  • Authenticity. We research to develop innovative and unique products that become a musthavebeauty of our customers.
  • Union. We are a team and we work as a team. We face challenges with passion and tenacity, and our highest goal is to achieve the highest standards of quality and satisfaction.
  • Trends. We study and analyze market trends to give complete consumer satisfaction.
    Integrity. We are engaged. We strive to build trust, credibility and commitment to our partners, customers and consumers.
  • Excellence. We seek the quality and excellence of our products as the ultimate goal in our laboratories. Our technical team is responsible for ensuring that all Beauty Emotions products meet the quality requirements demanded by the market, as well as providing the necessary technical documentation and quality certificates.
  • Trademarks. We know the needs of a consumer who is increasingly demanding, informed and concerned about his personal care. Therefore, we have diversified two product lines, Naturalium and Lovium.
  • Honesty. We work honestly with each of our partners and customers. Because we are convinced that team development and mutual benefit are the best way forward and grow. We believe in the win-win philosophy.
  • Temptation. We develop tempting products in terms of concept, format and fragrance. Because we believe in the sensuality and femininity of women as mechanisms of well-being and personal security.
  • Investigation. We continue to investigate every day in the creation of new formulas that satisfy the wishes of our clients.
  • Originality. We believe in a different and innovative cosmetics, which bet on hedonism during its use.
  • Nature. We are inspired by nature as an unrivaled source of cosmetic properties.
  • Sensitivity. We are sensitive and empathic. Our success is based on listening to the input and suggestions of our colleagues and our consumers. In this way, we can know and find the perfect solutions to the needs of our consumers. We love being able to help you in your well-being.
  • Health for the skin. We contribute innovation together with our concern for the well-being and daily health of our consumer. The regular use of our products allows the skin to remain soft, toned and smooth. Cleaning and care that provide a greater elasticity to the skin and a greater brightness to the hair.